Friday, July 21, 2006

Whiskey in the Jawa



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Dedication: The Very Best of Thin Lizzy. All eighteen tracks are arranged chronologically, and I'll be damned if these guys didn't get better with each passing year. It's a real shame Phil Lynott died so young. Who knows what hot cuts the world missed out on.


- The line "in walked Captain Farrell, I jumped up, fired off my pistols" in "Whiskey in the Jar" coincides with the first stormtroopers busting through the Tantive IV door and exhanging fire with the Rebels.

- R2-D2 is seen rolling very slowly off center down a narrow hallway as the line "I got drunk on whiskey" is heard in "Whiskey in the Jar" (it looks like R2 is a bit tanked in this scene).

- The line "I'm a roller, too, honey" in "The Rocker" coincides with a shot of R2 (who, most of the time, rolls along to get where he needs to go).

- The line "I'm coming down" in "She Knows" coincides with the tube that sucks R2 up coming down from the sandcrawler.

- The line "gonna be a showdown" in "Showdown" is heard right before Luke tells his uncle he wants to skip out on the harvest to go to the Academy.

- The camera is on Luke as the line "this kid is going to wreck and ruin" is heard in "Fighting My Way Back" (Luke does wreck and ruin the Death Star later in the film).

- The "breakout!" in the middle of "Jailbreak" that begins the part with all the sirens starts at the same moment Luke starts running to the landspeeder, afraid of what the Empire may have done to his relatives.

- The torture droid is onscreen as the line "tonight there's gonna be trouble" is heard in "Jailbreak."

- "The Boys Are Back in Town" is playing as Obi-Wan and Luke are cruising through Mos Eisley in the landspeeder.

- Luke, Obi-Wan, and C-3PO are entering the cantina as the line "down at Dino's bar and grill, the drinks will flow and the blood will spill" is head in "The Boys Are Back in Town" (blood is indeed spilled in the cantina a few scenes later).

- Han Solo is onscreen as the line "you've got a bad reputation" is heard in "Bad Reputation."


I'd like to thank Capitol One for completely ruining "The Boys Are Back in Town" for me. Even though I now have a pretty cool image of Luke and Obi tearing through Mos Eisley in the landspeeder attached to that song, it will undoubtedly be overpowered by visions of Nordic warriors running through shopping malls as modern day citizens look on in horror during future listens.

Why, right at this very moment the echo of a gruff Viking reverberates in my head, demanding to know what's in my wallet. Assholes.

You what's ironic, though? Or at least kinda funny? The Bus Boys, who are famous for their completely different "The Boys Are Back in Town," played at the Capitol One Bowl on New Year's Day of 2005. That screams intern booking mistake to me.

"Dude, I Googled that song, and their website came up! It said they did it!"

Maybe the reunited Thin Lizzy wasn't available. Who knows.

YOU: More like who cares!

ME: No one's making you read this!

Who Cares A Lot? with Empire tomorrow. Possibly Jedi, too. Possibly.


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