Friday, August 11, 2006

Cantina Jitters



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Pleased to Meet Me by the Replacements. Contains their big hits, "Alex Chilton" and "Can't Hardly Wait." Check out the 'dos the boys are sportin' on the back cover. To paraphrase Pat McCormick, it's amazing they could sing so well with sparrows living in their hair.


- The phrase "gonna show you something" is heard as the camera pans down after the opening crawl disappears.

- C-3PO turns away from an incapacitated R2-D2 as the phrase "nevermind" is heard in "Nevermind" (it's that part where 3PO looks back, R2 gets zapped by the Jawa, and then 3PO sadly turns away).


For the third and final time I say weak.

Still no photo of Bob's bench. Don't know where it went. Instead, here's a picture of me and my friend Chris McCauly honoring the spirit of Bob with really dumb hats:

Okay, time to flex your democratic muscles. Should next week's theme be "Cleveland Rocks!" (all artists from the CLE) or "I Love New York" (all Big Apple artists)? Leave a comment on this post with your vote. The theme with the most votes by midnight tomorrow wins. Get crazy with the cheez whiz (and by that I mean have fun voting and enjoy your weekend).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though I want Cleveland to beat NYC, I think that its more important that I vote They Might Be Giants and, of their many albums, I think that you will have the most luck with Apollo 18.

I hope that I'm the only fucking person who votes. Fuck yeah!

7:25 PM  
Blogger james said...

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