Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Luke's House



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Greatest Hits by Run-D.M.C. Eighteen choice cuts from the coolest rappers ever to appear on "227." What, you never saw that episode? It was a complete rip-off of the famous Davy Jones "Brady Bunch" affair, substituting Run-D.M.C. for the pint-sized Monkees star and goofball Barry Sobel for Maureen McCormick. What it lacked in originality it more than made up for in seemingly endless shots of Jackée Harry shaking her groove thang during the grand finale block party.


- The Star Wars logo appears at the same moment the regular beat starts in "King of Rock."

- The two spaceships in the beginning are seen warring as the line "take airplane flights at huge heights" is heard in "King of Rock."

- A group of stormtroopers blast their way through the Tantive IV corridor as the line "we're causin' hard times for sucker m.c.'s" is heard in "King of Rock."

- Princess Leia is seen creeping out of the shadows as the line "just can't hide" is heard in "It's Tricky." Moments later, two stormtroopers spot her, coinciding with the line "they know who's inside."

- R2-D2 is seen hobbling toward the camera as the line "walk this way" is heard in "Walk This Way."

- Luke is lying on the ground after the Tusken Raider attack as the line "Humpty Dumpty fell down, that's his hard time" is heard in "Peter Piper."

- Luke is going off about the Empire and how he can't go to Alderaan as Obi-Wan sits there with a dissatisfied look on his face as the line "Mary, Mary, why ya buggin'?" is heard in "Mary, Mary."

- Darth Vader walks into Princess Leia's cell as the line "this dude walked in lookin' strange and kinda funny" is heard in "You Be Illin'."

- The line "whatever happened to unity?" in "It's Like That" coincides with Ponda Baba shoving Luke in the cantina.


On the last episode of "Run's House" I saw, Run was celebrating having successfully impregnating his wife by beat-boxing about his "super sperm." That hardly seems like something a man of the cloth should be doing. Beat-boxing about his sperm on basic cable, that is.

Wait, is that right, to call a Reverend a man of the cloth? Is that nickname solely reserved for priests? See, it's times like these I wish I had paid attention during all those CCD classes my parents made me take. Couldn't tear myself away from my daydreams, though. Back then, they mostly consisted of going on a road trip with Bill and Ted to meet Wayne and Garth at Madonna's house.

Is that the most early nineties daydream you ever heard about or what? Pepper in a little Jesus Jones and a few slap braclets and you've got yourself one helluva Dan Quayle-era party!

Oh, and by the way, the song Run-D.M.C. performed on "227" was "Mary, Mary." That was their reworking of the famous Monkees tune. Were they making sly reference to the lifted plotline? I like to think so!


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