Monday, August 14, 2006

Rebels Beware



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Blank Generation by Richard Hell and the Voidoids. Poetic punk/pop pastiche from the guy who played Madonna's boyfriend in Desperately Seeking Susan and three of his (obscenely underrated) musician friends. I'd say this record is more important than anything Lou Reed ever did, but then again, I hate Lou Reed. I'd say anything Jim Nabors put out was more important than anything Lou Reed ever did.


- "Blank Generation" starts the moment we first see Luke Skywalker onscreen (this song is the anthem for all those who feel isolated and out of place in their own world as Luke does when we meet him).

- The phrase "take it" is heard in "Blank Generation" as Luke takes C-3PO out of the robot auction.


Come on, Richard! It's like you didn't even see Star Wars before you wrote and recorded this album! What's up with that? You failed, bro. You failed hard.

Anonymous: you are partially correct. The two Johns in They Might Be Giants are originally from Massachusetts. However, TMBG was not formed until they found each other in New York City a few years after first meeting. At least that's what Wikipedia told me. So if that's not right, take it up with the Wiki!

Egbert: yes, that Police record would be a good one to try. Maybe I'll give it a go during "Bands Named After Law Enforcement Organizations" week.

Sorry this post is so tardy going up. As I said before, I was running late for life the other day, and when I finally did show up, life pounded my ass hard. I'm gonna be in traction all week.


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