Thursday, August 17, 2006

She Stands There (Next to Vader)

Sorry, They Might Be Giants fans, but my supplier didn't come through. It's all cool. The Johns should probably get their own week anyway. Substituting for Apollo 18 is a record by one of my favorite Clinton-era New York City punk bands, D Generation. It's entitled No Lunch. Let's see what we got, shall we?



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


No Lunch by D Generation. Glitter n' grime foot-on-the-monitor punk. A frenzied, charismatic effort released in 1996 that garnered critical acclaim and public indifference. Not to be confused with the wrestling tag team known as D-Generation X, who (at least to my knowledge) have never recorded or released a musical record of any kind.


- The Tantive IV door explosion coincides with the drums that start "Frankie."

- The gasping noises Jesse Malin makes in the middle of "Frankie" coincide with the Rebel soldier getting choked by Vader.

- "No Way Out" starts as the droids are first seen wandering though the vast desert wasteland of Tatooine.

- Luke shoots an unhappy look at his uncle after being denied a trip to the Toschi Station as the line "no me, I'm not your son" is heard in "Disclaimer."

- The melancholy bass that starts "Too Loose" coincides with Luke's longing stare into the Tatooine sunset.

- The Tusken Raiders are seen spying on Luke and Threepio in the landspeeder as the line "I can see you but you can't see me" is heard in "Too Loose."

- The Tusken Raider pops up and attacks Luke as the line "they've got you going down" is heard in "Too Loose."


Wow, isn't that amazing? I'm sure it'll impress the hell outta the other two people in this country who own No Lunch. No, I'm kidding, I'm sure lotsa people own this great, great album. They'd be fools not to! Unless they really don't like D Generation, in which case they would be fools. Why hang on to a CD by a band you don't like? That's pretty stupid. Shit, you don't see me with any Hootie, do you?


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