Friday, August 04, 2006

Songs for the Darth



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Songs for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age. A throbbing slab of stoner rock that will suffocate you with guitar. That's how I want to die for sure. Dave Grohl stopped playing arena rock for two seconds to drum on this one. When the guitars are this beefy, you'd better get someone as loud as Grohl on the trap kit. Otherwise it's just gonna sound like mud, honey.


- The first radio announcer begins talking the moment the "long time ago" text appears on the screen.

- "No One Knows" starts as the Rebels in the Tantive IV corridor all look up, not knowing what is happening outside their ship.

- The slow part of "Song for the Dead" starts at the exact moment R2-D2 gets shot by the Jawa.

- R2 wakes up in the sandcrawler at the same exact moment the guitar bend is heard that begins the solo in "Song for the Dead."

- One of the DJs at the end of "The Sky is Falling" says, "Shut up, you little brat!" right as C-3PO hits R2 on the dome inside Luke's house.

- The line "in the Summer sun" in "Hangin' Tree" coincides with a shot of Tatooine's twin suns.

- C-3PO is carrying on after the Tusken Raider attack about how he's done for as the line "this is the end" is heard in "Gonna Leave You."

- Luke looks away from his dead relative's remains at the same moment "God is in the Radio" pauses briefly.

- The line "you can't help this boy for long" is heard in "Another Love Song" as Dr. Evanzan looks angrily at Obi-Wan, who is warning him not to mess with Luke (seconds later Dr. E throws Luke to the ground).

- Han Solo makes his first appearance as the line "here is something you should drop to your knees and worship" is heard at the end of "Another Love Song."


Fun, fun, fun. That's all I gotta say 'bout the 'speriment, Lucy.

I'm sorry, I'm just too excited about this:

Yes, that's the issue of Star Wars Insider featuring the article about this blog! It goes on sale Monday. They sent me a free copy this week and I'm definitely in there! Page ten, to be exact. No photo (sorry, ladies), but there is an awesome photoshop of AC/DC with Ewok heads. That alone should sell you.

Not sure when the online supplement is going up (read: the full, uncut interview with yours truly); it might be part of "Hyperspace," which is the pay section of Sucktacular, I know, but I have a copy of the full interview and I'll post it here if that's the case.

Today Insider, tomorrow the world.

I'm still amazed by this, especially in light of the, uh, "constructive criticism" I've offered Lucasfilm here concerning their upcoming DVD release. Welp, guess that proves not everyone at LFL is, well, you know...a certain way.

And before you ask, yes, I will sign it for you so you can sell it on eBay after I die.


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