Wednesday, August 02, 2006

St. Eisley



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


St. Elsewhere, the techno-infused soul bomb from hot newcomers Gnarls Barkley. You know who's in this band? Cee-Lo! That's how every conversation I've ever had about Gnarls Barkley has started. People are just amazed that Cee-Lo is out there doin' shit again. Hats off to you, Cee. America loves you. Now if Skee-Lo could just get his act together...


- Cee-Loo's first soulful screams in "Go-Go Gadget Gospel" coincide with the appearance of the Star Wars logo.

- C-3PO looks behind him as the line "emotions have an echo in space" is heard in "Crazy" (like he hears an echo back there).

- Darth Vader makes his first entrance as the line "it's no coincidence that I've come" is heard in "Crazy."

- The phrase "gone away" is heard in "Gone Daddy Gone" as C-3PO is seen walking away from R2-D2 on the surface of Tatooine.

- C-3PO is seen walking through the desert alone as the line "where are you now?" is heard in "Smiley Faces."

- The first spacey noise in the middle of "Smiley Faces" coincides with the electric jolt that surges through R2-D2 after he's been shot.

- A weird guitar bend in "Just a Thought" coincides with the appearance of Princess Leia's hologram.

- C-3PO is telling R2-D2 to stop being foolish in the Jundland Wastes ("Luke is your master now...") as the line "wake up, wake up, wake up" is heard in "Necromancer."


Well, we know Gnarls Barkley is down with Star Wars 'cause they all dressed like characters from the saga when they played the MTV Movie Awards. Unless, of course, the whole dressing up like famous movie characters is just a schtick to them and they could really care less. I don't know. They kind of give off that vibe, that we-could-care-less vibe. On the other hand, who would play drums in a Chewbacca costume unless they really loved Star Wars?

What, you want an answer right now? Come on, I was only...alright, alright, hang on.

Okay, I poked around the Internet a little just now, found two interviews with the Gnarls, and the subject of costuming did not come up in either one. Draw your own conclusions. All I know is they can't keep it up. There are only so many iconic movie characters a band can dress up as. Before long, GB will be mining Pauly Shore and Ernest films for ideas, probably even desperate enough to assemble a Men At Work tribute.

This, undoubtedly, will cause much head-scratching amongst G. Barkley fans, most of whom will turn their attention to whatever new, quirky band Myspace is pimping like a fifty dollar whore at that particular point in time. Probably some lame-ass shit like President Pizza.

Ahem. I said President Pizza. The six of you who understand that joke better be laughing yourselves into comas right now.


Blogger tervin said...

I love the episode of MTV Cribs with Cee-Lo and his cosmic lady love or whoever the hell she was. It's awesome. Not as epic as the Mariah Carey episode, but good.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 pts if you can guess who this is, giving his opinion of OJ in 1995:

"I don't know if O.J. is innocent or guilty; all I know is it wasn't proven. As for race relations in the U.S., they're the same they've always been -- terrible. Same format, same slave teachings, same stereotypes. Just different methods... that's all.

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares! It's Skee-lo, his trademark brashness marked the 1995 interview that this quote came from. Wiki-lo!

8:20 PM  

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