Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Take Me Down to the Jundland Wastes



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Hootenanny, the second full-length Replacements album. As the title suggests, the 'Mats began navigating their way out of the sloppy waters of punk rock on this one. Oh, there's still a few numbers worth slam dancing to, but the majority of the material here is rough pop with tinges of country. In fact, this album may have kick started the whole "alt country" movement. I may be wrong, but for all you know, I may be right!


- "Hootenanny" draws to a close at the same time the opening crawl begins to fade away.

- "Run It" plays during the scenes where the Tantive IV is seen "running away" from the star destroyer.

- A few of the cymbal crashes in "Run It" coincide with the star destroyer's laser fire.

- One of the beat shifts in "Run It" coincides with the explosion that cripples the Tantive IV.

- "Run It" ends as the Rebel soldiers take their positions in the Tantive IV corridor (they are no longer trying to outrun the star destroyer).

- A group of stormtroopers march by as the line "everybody's dressin' funny" is heard in "Color Me Impressed."

- "Willpower" starts as Darth Vader is interrupted during his interrogation of the Rebel soldier; despite being choked to death, the soldier has the willpower to withhold the information about the stolen Death Star plans.

- "Willpower" is also playing as Princess Leia refuses to admit to Darth Vader that she is part of the Rebel Alliance.

- "Take Me Down to the Hospital" is playing when R2-D2 is crippled by the Jawas.

- The line "I've been waiting" is heard in "Mr. Whirly" as C-3PO greets R2-D2 inside the sandcrawler.

- Uncle Owen tells Luke he can't go to the Toschi Station as the line "it's really up to me" is heard in "Within Your Reach."

- R5-D4 explodes as the word "die" is heard in "Within Your Reach."

- The pause in "Lovelines" coincides with Luke popping the restraining bolt off of R2-D2.

- "You Lose" starts the same time Luke and Owen begin to talk about Luke's future; Luke gets up, admitting defeat, as the phrase "you lose" is heard during the chorus.

- "You Lose" ends at the same exact moment the film wipes to Luke's darkened room.

- The phrase "treatment bound" is heard in "Treatment Bound" as the Tusken Raider attacks Luke.

- Obi-Wan pulls back his hood to reveal himself just as the Replacements screw up in the middle of "Treatment Bound."


Nice framework with the songs in this one. Another "who would have guessed?" album. Those wacky Replacements...you never know what they're albums are gonna do! Sometimes they'll just sit there, bein' albums, ahhhn other times, they go crazy, ahhhhn they synch up with Star Wars! I tellya, it's really sumthin'!

That was my impression of David Cross doing an impression of an easily-impressed middle American. Impressive, I know.


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