Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Talkin' 'Bout the Smiling Death Star Immortality Blues



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Hit to Death in the Future Head by the Flaming Lips. Their major label debut. Not the one with "She Don't Use Jelly." This is the one before the one with "She Don't Use Jelly."


- "Hit Me Like You Did the First Time" fades out as the escape pod carrying the droids is seen descending upon Tatooine (it looks kind of like the pod is making the same noise the guitar is making during the fade out).

- The phrase "felt the burn" in "Felt Good to Burn" coincides with the sparks that are seen when the Jawa applies the restraining bolt to R2-D2.


Disappointing. I had my hopes up that something really wild would happen. This is the Flaming Lips, after all. No dice. Well, they have other records, I suppose.


Blogger Drew Manning said...

I saw this blog mentioned in SW Insider and I wanted to say that I am in complete support of this project.
I have often thought about what type of music would synch up with the O.G. trilogy ever since I heard about Darkside of the Rainbow.
I don't know if any one else has commented on this but maybe the perfect music to synch up to A New Hope lies in it's original 124 min running time. If you were to divide the running time by three it seperates the film into three 41:03 (41.3) acts. It would then make sense that the perfect album to synch up to the film would have to be no longer than 45 mins long (making up for end credit time of course).
I suppose you could also use albums that were 62-65 mins long if you only wanted to play the synch music twice.
Either way, I'm glad this project exists and I can't wait to see what works for the other films in the trilogy.
Out of curiosity, do you plan on doing this the prequel trilogy as well? If not ( I can't blame you if you disliked them,I'm somewhat of an aplogist myself) I'd definitly be interested in tackling them.

2:09 AM  

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