Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Under the Wheel (of the Sandcrawler)



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Mental Notes by Split Enz. More prog rock, this time from New Zealand. What set the Enz apart from all those other Kiwi prog rock bands? Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact they all dressed like New Wave Mimes. See for yourself.


- The weird noise in the middle of "Walking Down a Road" begins right before C-3PO and the Rebels aboard the Tantive IV look up; once again, it appears they hear this noise and begin wondering what it is.

- A stormtrooper vanishes behind a thick cloud of smoke as the line "I disappeared" is heard in "Walking Down a Road."

- A real harrowing part of "Walking Down a Road" is heard as the droids make their way across the two warring factions aboard the Tantive IV.

- Princess Leia begins reprimanding Vader for invading her ship as the line "go on, you creep, get out" is heard in "Under the Wheel."

- The droids are seen wandering the desert as the line "it doesn't seem real, the way things turned out" is heard in "Under the Wheel."

- "Under the Wheel" picks up its pace the moment the film wipes to R2-D2 rolling alone through the canyon on Tatooine; the song slows back down as R2 is shot by the Jawa.

- The line "he needs no one to help him on his way" is heard in "Stranger Than Fiction" as Luke and 3PO come upon R2, who has managed to get halfway across Tatooine without any help.

- The phrase "knight in command" in "Titus" coincides with a shot of Grand Moff Tarkin.


Why do I suddenly feel the urge to go to a Renaissance festival? Lo, Black Knight, I scourge thine prickly being to the depths of Hades. Yeah, that's probably not accurate at all. I don't care, though. I'm only in it for the wenches.


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