Monday, September 18, 2006

Beat 'Em Up (the Rebels)



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Beat 'Em Up by Iggy Pop. Released in 2001, this was the Igster's ferocious return to rawkanmuthafukkinrowl. Elicited a unanimous refrain from every state in the union: not bad for a guy closing in on sixty. Not bad at all. I'll go on record right here and say that I personally feel Beat 'Em Up is the best record Iggy has made since Raw Power.


- The phrase "to die" in "L.O.S.T." coincides with a Rebel being shot and dying during the Tantive IV battle.

- "Howl" ends at the same moment the film wipes from C-3PO in the desert to R2-D2 in the canyon.

- The line "rollin' around the field" in "Football" is heard as R2-D2 is seen rolling through the canyon.

- "Football" ends as the film wipes to the stormtroopers in the desert searching for the droids.

- C-3PO is seen trying to convince Uncle Owen to buy him as the phrase "get me out of here" is repeatedly heard in "Savior."

- The line "look what you have done" is heard in "Talking Snake" as Aunt Beru begins talking to Uncle Owen after Luke walks out of their home in a huff.

- The opening line of "The Jerk" ("look, here comes the jerk") coincides with R2-D2 turning his head to watch the three Tusken Raiders (one of whom attacked Luke) walk into his general vicinity.

- Obi-Wan is onscreen in a closeup as the line "my death is certain alright" is heard in "Death is Certain."

- The chorus of "Go For the Throat" ("go for the throat") is heard as Vader Force-chokes Admiral Motti in the Death Star conference room.

- Iggy shouts out "Blood!" after Dr. Evanzan's bloody arm is shown on the floor of the cantina.

- Luke's angry reaction to Han Solo's initial price for the flight to Alderaan coincides with Iggy shouting, "Outburst, outburst, infantile violent outburst!" in "Drink New Blood."

- The car noise at the beginning of "Ugliness" coincides with the shot of the two Star Destroyers chasing the Millennium Falcon.

- The car horn in the middle of "Ugliness" sounds as Obi-Wan feels the destruction of Alderaan while aboard the Millennium Falcon.


I had a feeling some stuff would happen with this album. The "go for the throat" thing was incredible, of course. I'm a little upset "Mask" didn't last long enough to synch up with any shots of Vader. I was sincerely hoping for Darth to be onscreen during one of the many instances where Iggy sings, "You're wearin' a MASK!" Ah well. No use crying over missed synchs.


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