Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Come on Feel the Stormtroopers



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Come on Feel the Lemonheads by the Lemonheads. Light alternative pop that borders on folk. Never realized crackheads could be so mellow. Yeah, that's right, Evan Dando used to smoke crack. Luckily, he managed to quit before it ruined his career...oh wait, no he didn't.


- The line "I'll bite my tongue and won't say a word against anyone" in "It's About Time" coincides with Vader choking the Rebel soldier, who won't admit to harboring the stolen Death Star plans.

- The line "have your people contact mine and keep your lawyer on the line" in "It's About Time" is heard as Princess Leia confronts Darth Vader after being captured.

- The weird-looking droid with the big grey eyes is onscreen and looking into the camera as the line "take a look into some big grey eyes" is heard in "Big Gay Heart."

- C-3PO throws his arms up and says, "Don't shoot, don't shoot!" to the Jawa as the phrase "still afraid" is heard in "Big Gay Heart."

- C-3PO is trying to convince Uncle Owen to take him home as the line "please don't break my big gay heart" is heard in "Big Gay Heart."


Did you know that A) the Lemonheads have a new album coming out this month and B) the rhythm section consists of Karl Alvarez and Bill Stevenson from the Descendents? Strange but true! What's next, a Big Head Todd & the Monsters reunion with Tesco Vee?

I can't believe it's Wednesday and no one has figured out this week's theme yet. This ain't the riddle of the Sphinx, you know. It ain't even the riddle of Leon Spinks! There's a fabulous prize on the line that isn't battery operated or neon pink, so keep trying!


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