Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Want a New Dewback



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Dare to Be Stupid, "Weird Al" Yankovic's 1985 offering that boasted "Like A Surgeon," "Girls Just Want to Have Lunch," and the landmark title track. Also includes "Yoda," Al's parody of "Lola" sung from the perspective of Luke Skywalker. Funnier than it sounds.


- The phrase "I can hear your heartbeat" in "Like A Surgeon" coincides with C-3PO looking up to the ceiling, reacting to the noises he hears coming from outside the Tantive IV.

- R2-D2 is seen rolling away into the desert by himself as the line "well, I heard that you're leaving" is heard in "One More Minute."

- Al inhales sharply at the end of "One More Minute" at the same time the tube sucks R2-D2 up into the sandcrawler.

- The camera is on Luke as the line "I'll be playin' this part 'til I'm old and gray" is heard in "Yoda."


The title of this experiment is a play on "I Want A New Duck," which is Al's stinging parody of the Huey Lewis & the News song "I Want A New Drug" (found, obviously, on Dare to Be Stupid). It should be noted that I hate "I Want A New Drug" with a passion so blindingly intense that it prevents me from enjoying any aspect of "I Want A New Duck." I don't know what it is about that song. I guess I just hate ugly white people who musically advocate casual drug use.

Ironically, I have no problem with the indirect "Drug" ripoff song "Ghostbusters." This is probably because:

A) before "Huey Lewis: Behind the Music," I had no idea either song were related (and I probably never would have known had I missed that special, because I really go out of my way to avoid "I Want A New Drug")

B) I love songs about ghosts sung by black men and

C) "Ghostbusters" makes me think of the awesome movie it was written for, Ghostbusters.

Put that in your beaker and ponder its existence, Mr. Wizard.

I got Straight Outta Lynwood yesterday. I'm enjoying it so far. Like all Al albums, there are a couple clunkers, but for the most part it's smooth, enjoyable, giggly sailing. It must be good if I'm playing it indoors (as opposed to just rocking it in the car), breaking my usual aural apartment cocktail of computer hum and muffled neighborly discourse. Oh, and birds, too. The birds in my area like to chirp all night and day. It's like they get paid by the whistle.


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