Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kill the Cantina Band



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Kill the Musicians, a collection of demos, b-sides, and live tracks from Screeching Weasel. Dropped in '95, one year after the Weaze broke up for the first time. Or was it the second? Man, they broke up so many times it's easy to loose track. They broke up for real, no do-overs, no take-backs, in 2001...although they did play a show in their hometown of Chicago in 2004, so who the hell knows. Guess it won't be over for sure until Ben Weasel dies.


- The word "up" in "Punkhouse" coincides with C-3PO looking up at the ceiling of the Tantive IV.

- The phrase "why don't you go away?" is repeatedly heard in "Fathead" as the stormtroopers invade and attack the Rebels aboard the Tantive IV.

- The phrase "I think we're alone now" in "I Think We're Alone Now" coincides with the first shot of the droids stranded alone in the Tatooine desert.

- The line "there doesn't seem to be anyone around" in "I Think We're Alone Now" coincides with the slow pan across the empty Tatooine desert.

- "Something Wrong" starts as the droids separate in the Tatooine desert.

- C-3PO is seen wandering through the Tatooine desert alone as the phrase "through nowhereland" is heard in "Something Wrong."

- The maudlin beginning of "I Wanna Be a Homosexual" plays as R2-D2 is sucked up into the sandcrawler and continues as he wakes up inside and takes in the drab surroundings (the depressing nature of the music just seems to fit this scene well).

- C-3PO is onscreen as the chorus of "I Wanna Be a Homosexual" ("I wanna be a homosexual") is heard (I shouldn't have to explain to you why this is interesting/funny).

- A group of Jawas runs behind the wheel of the sandcrawler in what appears to be fear as the line "she's giving me the creeps" is heard in "She's Giving Me the Creeps."

- Luke is sitting at the table, eating with his relatives, as the line "my future don't look too promising" is heard in "Celena."

- Uncle Owen tells Luke to take the droids to Anchorhead to have their memories erased as the line "she continues right on nagging me" is heard in "Celena."

- The line "Celena's leaving me" in "Celena" coincides with Luke walking out on his relatives.

- Princess Leia's hologram is onscreen as the line "Judy is a runt" is heard in "Judy is a Punk."

- The line "why don't you stop?" in "Soap Opera" coincides with Obi-Wan using the Jedi mind trick on the stormtrooper in Mos Eisley to get him to stop interrogating Luke about the droids.

- The line "why won't you die?" in "Stab Stab Stab" coincides with Obi-Wan slicing into Dr. Evanzan with his lightsaber in the cantina.

- The emphasized chord at the end of "Around on You" coincides with the little training ball zapping Luke on the leg.

- Luke shuts his lightsaber off as the phrase "good-bye to you" is heard in "Good-bye to You."

- The phrase "don't understand" in "Veronica Hates Me" coincides with Han looking perplexed as to why his ship is getting nailed by pieces of Alderaan.


Eighteen...and I don't know what I want! Sorry, couldn't resist. Welp, if ol' Ben Weasel had any kind of contact info on his blog, I'd mail him about this. Seems like something he might have a passing interest in. Maybe someone will tip him off. Hey, with this here Internet, you never know just what the frig is gonna happen!

The same could be said for our beautiful non-cyber world. Case in point: I lost my job today. Canned, terminated, PLAY DOH. Apparently it was a decision my boss "struggled with" because there had been so much "positive feedback" about my performance from my immediate supervisors. However, the company had the "opportunity" to "bring someone on" with "more experience," so I was "tossed out" on my "ass" like "the bear claw that's been sitting on the event table for three weeks."

That last bit was an inside joke for all my former co-workers. Thanks for the memories. Miss ya already.

So it's back to sleeping until noon and checking the mail in my underwear, at least for now. The good news is I'll have plenty of time to scour the area libraries for albums to use here on the GSWSP. Yep, just me and the homeless guys, wandering through the library at two o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon. Can't wait.


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