Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Star Destroyer Fantasy



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Screeching Weasel's Boogadaboogadaboogada! Angry, sneering party punk. Includes classic youth rants such as "I Hate Led Zeppelin," "I Wanna Be Naked," and "Mad at the Paperboy." Hard to believe this is real. Seems like it should be a running gag from one of those movies Kirk Cameron made in the 1980s (you know, before he got all Jesusy).

MOVIE DAD: Who are you going to see? The Screaming Weasel? What's the album called? Biggitybiggityboo?

KIRK CAMERON: [EXASPERATED] It's SCREECHING WEASEL, Dad, and they're going to be bigger than the Beatles!! So can I borrow your car? I promised Cindy I'd take her to the cnocert!

MOVIE DAD: You'd better not get her pregnant!

KIRK: Oh, Dad!



- Luke is onscreen as the line "the sun's gonna shine on you" is heard in "Sunshine."

- The Tusken Raider is beating up on Luke with his gaffi stick as the phrase "I love to hate you" is heard in "I Love to Hate."

- The flying saucer effects before "I Believe in UFOs" coincide with a shot of a lone Star Destroyer flying towards the Death Star.


Since I can't think of anything witty or astute to say here today, I'll give you a link to Ben Weasel's blog. It's an interesting read, even if you aren't a SW/pop punk fanatic. For serious. Layout's nice, too. Mmmm, I think I wanna get in that blog's pants.


Blogger jkthunder said...

I have to tell you, these projects rock - literally.

Hey have you considered doing other movie soundtracks? A friend of mine mentioned Saturday Night Fever. Another interesting one might be Grease. Ha! There's so much!

I particularly liked the one you did with the Fear live album. But, can't you squeeze in a bonus track of More Beer in on that?

10:26 AM  
Blogger james said...

Thanks for the praise. I'd love to do more soundtracks. I'm always looking for "SNF" at the library. "Grease" would be good, too.

FEAR will obviously have to get an entire week, so I can do "More Beer," "Have Another Beer with Fear," "Hey, Fear Just Bought You a Beer, You'd Better Drink It," and "Sausage/Penis Euphamism #354."

4:34 PM  

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