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Thanks for stopping by the Great Star Wars Synchronicity Project, one nerd's attempt to find an album that synchs up with Star Wars in the same way Dark Side of the Moon synchs up with The Wizard of Oz.

Although the GSWSP is not over, regular experimentation has stopped for the time being. This gargantuan waste of time will not officially cease until the album that yields at least sixty synchs with Star Wars (the same number as DSOTM and Oz) is discovered. To date, the album with the most Star Wars synchs is Green Day's American Idiot (standing tall at thirty-five).

If you have any questions, please consult the F.A.Q. Once you're hep to this synch jive, check the Experiment Index to see if any of your favorite albums or artists have been spun in that galaxy far, far away. Thanks again, and may the Force be with you.


Anonymous Uidge Untill said...

Cool idea of the site! I had some stuff like that on my star wars web site, but i guess now there's nothing like this left.

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Blogger Scott said...

Here's the best one I found. Not Star Wars, but I documented 62 syncs (and I grouped some of them together), and even saw a few more the last time I watched it. Some lucky genius figured this out (Google Wonka and Rush), and I actually documented a lot more syncs than he wrote down. The original Willy Wonka, and Rush's 2112. I can send you a DVD if you are interested. I built it in iMovie, and all I did was make sure the start point was perfectly aligned. Everything else is unedited.


Wonka 2112

Keep in mind as you watch this that neither movie nor CD have been edited in any way - only the start point is controlled. Once things are rolling, the rest of it is all up to the existing unedited versions of both, including the order of all the songs and the timing of the breaks between the songs.

Cue up Rush's 2112 CD to the beginning of track one, and hit pause immediately. Or, let it play for a few seconds, hit pause, and then hit once the button that takes you back a track at a time. You are ready when you are cued up at the exact beginning of the first track and still paused. Start up Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original, of course), and get to the day of the factory tour about halfway through the movie. Get ready as Wonka comes out the door of his factory for the first time. When his cane gets stuck in the crack, he makes a grab in the air, and then another. The instant his hand closes the second time, count one second ("1000-one") and start 2112. Turn down the movie volume, and enjoy about 40 minutes of synchs - the whole album.

1. Wonka somersaults as the synth ramps up.

2. Wonka jerks his head, and the music begins.

3. The beats hit with the handshakes of Veruca, her dad, Augustus (the best one because of the echo effects), and his mom.

4. Mike draws his pistol just as a big note hits and the music changes.

5. Looking through the crowd at the door to the factory, the flags wave in time to the beats. As they are walking towards the door, Wonka's cane swings in time to the guitar chords.

6. The beat hits as the door slams.

7. Wonka hops off the stairs to the drums.

8. The hands grab Veruca's and Mike's mom's hats on the beat.

9. The music changes and builds as Wonka opens the curtain in front of the contract. It continues to build as the characters argue over the contract and rush to sign it.

10. The instant Charlie finishes signing the contract, we hear the first words, "And the meek shall inherit the earth".

11. As the door opens to the dead-end room, the first real room of the factory and subsequent chaos that ensues, we hear "We've taken care of everything, The words you hear the songs you sing, The pictures that you plug into your eyes. Its one for all and all for one, We work together common sons, Never need to wonder how or why"

12. As the door opens, we hear "all the gifts of life are held within our walls".

13. Immediately after everyone looks around, we hear "look around at this world we've made"

14. As Wonka prepares to open the musical lock on the main door, Temples of Syrinx ends and there is a break in the music. If you turn up the movie volume at exactly that instant (and then immediately back down), you hear Wonka's keyboard notes fill the space perfectly.

15. As the door opens, Discovery begins with the sound of a waterfall, echoing the chocolate waterfall. The out-of-tune guitar notes make the room seem even more unusual, and the music seems to fit their halting trip down the steps.

16. When Wonka touches Mike's head, we hear "What can this strange device be? When I touch it, it gives forth a sound". When he plucks a hair, we hear "It's got wires that vibrate...".

17. As everyone runs into the room, the music picks up speed. A guitar notes sync perfectly with Wonka's skips and when he spears a mushroom cap with his cane.

18. As Wonka is twirling a mushroom umbrella, Veruca goes running past exactly when the three guitar chords come in.

19. Exactly when Charlie and Grampa Joe look at each other, we hear "See.."

20. Exactly when Violet bites the gummy bear ear, we hear "...pain"

21. As Veruca is pounding the large ball on the rock, we hear "Sounds..."

22. As Wonka hits the gumball tree for Mike, sending all the gumballs cascading down, we hear "notes that fall..."

23. Wonka kicks the big balloons in time to the guitar chords.

24. Wonka sings a solo as we hear "I can't wait to share this new wonder, the people will all see its light"

25. As Wonka takes a sip from the daffodil teacup, we hear "I know it's most unusual..."

26. As the camera pans down the waterfall mixing the chocolate, we hear "We have no need for ancient ways".

27. As Wonka tells the story of the Oompa Loompas, the lyrics almost seem like a different conversation between Wonka and his guests.

28. The guitar solo begins and the music picks up in intensity just as Augustas is discovered slurping the chocolate river.

29. As Augustas' mom is led away by an Oompa Loompa, a weird sound is played and the music changes.

30. As we see the Oompa Loompas singing their song about Augustas, we hear "I see the works of gifted hands, That grace this strange and wondrous land. I see the hand of man arise, With hungry mind and open eyes."

31. Soliloquy begins with the trickling water exactly when the river boat shows up.

32. The music kicks in as the Oompa Loompa rings the bell and the boat begins to move.

33. As the boat begins to move, we hear "Just think of what my life might be in a world like I have seen"

34. As they are approaching and entering the scary cave, we hear "My spirits are low in the depths of despair. My lifeblood, spills over"

35. The Grand Finale begins as they begin their ride in the cave.

36. As Wonka becomes more and more crazed, the music becomes more and more chaotic, and we hear "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation" repeated.

37. When the boat is finally brought to an abrupt stop and calm is restored, we hear "We have assumed control" repeated, and the 2112 overture ends.

38. A Passage to Bangkok begins right when Charlie and Grampa Joe read the sign for the next room.

39. Wonka's hand hits out two of the China bell notes.

40. As Wonka is unlocking the door, we hear "Our first stop is in Bogata...".

41. As we hear "We're on the train to Bangkok, aboard the Thailand Express", Wonka accents the words "to Bangkok", and we see smoke stacks puffing like a train in time to the music.

42. The songs tells of the quest for the best smoke, and it matches perfectly with the atmosphere of the room. The room is filled with smoke, and we hear "Wreathed in smoke in lebanon, We burn the midnight oil, The fragrance of afghanistan ... Smoke rings fill the air"

43. Various things seem to line up nicely to the beats: Wonka's pedaling, Mike's blowing smoke, Wonka sampling the mix, Wonka dropping the shoes into the mix, Veruca's dad approaching Wonka, Wonka adding the coat to the second mix.

44. When Wonka is first asking the group if they want to see the Everlasting Gobstopper machine, we hear "we only stop for the best" exactly when he pushes the start button.

45. As Wonka describes the Gobstoppers, we hear "A pleasant faced man steps up to greet you, He smiles and says he's pleased to meet you, Beneath his hat the strangeness lies ... Truth is false and logic lost ...

46. As Wonka hands out the Gobstoppers, we hear "You have entered the twilight zone, Beyond this world strange things are known". When Violet holds up the Gobstopper in Veruca's face, we hear "Use the key, unlock the door, See what your fate might have in store". As they are led over to the gum machine, we hear "Come explore your dreams creation, Enter this world of imagination".

47. When Wonka starts up the gum machine, various raising and lowering motions match the beats. As we see Wonka watching his latest candy-making experiment, we hear "Look up to see a giant boy ... his brand new toy".

48. The punching boxing gloves echo the snare drum hits.

49. As Wonka holds up the gum, we hear "You have entered the Twilight Zone, Beyond this world strange things are known...". As Violet eyes the gum, we hear "Use the key, unlock the door". She then grabs the gum right at the end of "See what your fate has in store...". Right as her father warns her, we hear "Enter this world of imagination". The guitar solo takes us into her transformation into a blueberry.

50. The music slowly builds as Violet is blowing up. As the Oompa Loompas get ready to roll her out the door, we hear "You know we've told you before, But you didn't hear us then, So you still question why, No, you didn't listen again". As her dad is led out the door, "you didn't listen again" is repeated.

51. As Wonka turns to the remaining children, we hear "I never thought it would be like this..."

52. At the lick-able wallpaper, Wonka scolds Veruca as we hear "No, you didn't listen again".

53. After Charlie and Grampa Joe sip the fizzy lifting drink, the song Tears begins right when Charlie first lets go and starts swimming in the air on his own. The music style seems to fit perfectly with the happy bubble-filled scene. As they are coming back down, we hear "tears that fall...". The scene switches to Wonka's face with his eyes looking up, and the lyrics continue "...than tears that fall from eyes that know why".

54. There is some fairly angelic music as a good golden egg rolls down its chute and is taken away in a gold cart. The music is gone when the bad egg comes down and is dumped.

55. As Veruca tosses the golden egg in the air, we hear "...To cast its gold your way".

56. Veruca yells at her dad just as the vocals begin with a screech and the song kicks up a notch.

57. Prophetically, we hear "Looking for an open door" as Veruca is beginning her tantrum that leads to the garbage chute.

58. As Veruca is screaming and shaking her head and arms, we hear "You don't get something for nothing, You can't have freedom for free...". She then kicks in time to the cymbal crash.

59. The guitar solo kicks in and then wails as she throws the cellophane over Wonka, and matches the mood of her running around destroying the room. The beats match her kicking the small stack of boxes, and when the big stack hits the floor.

60. We hear "You don't get something for nothing" the moment she goes down the garbage chute. The words continue with "You won't get wise, With the sleep still in your eyes, No matter what your dream might be".

61. As the Oopma Loompas look into the chute, the vocals yell with an echo that sounds like they are coming from down inside the garbage chute. The Oompa Loompas sing "You don't get something for nothing, You can't have freedom for free, no!"

62. As the last song of the CD fades out, and the instant the Oompa Loompas turn around the second time, turn up the volume on the movie to hear the last line of the Oompa Loompa song, "...You will live in happiness too, like the Oompa Loompa doompity do.”


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