Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Luke of Spades



Star Wars (1995 "Faces" VHS).


Ace of Spades by Motörhead. Tried this sucker once before with Empire. I honestly can't say my opinion of this album has changed since then — it still kicks ass. That right there sounds like something some metal guy would say on one of those "Top 100" album countdowns on the VH-1, innit it? Man, who knew Skid Row would get so much air time on basic cable this many years after the height of their popularity? Certainly not me, and certainly not them.


- C-3PO looks up the moment Lemmy begins singing in "Love Me Like A Reptile" as if he can hear him.

- The line "you know I got my eyes on you" is heard in "Love Me Like A Reptile" as we see Princess Leia and R2-D2 interacting from C-3PO's perspective.

- "Shoot You In The Back" is playing as Princess Leia is shot in the back by the stormtrooper.

- The line "you know me, you know I'm wired" is heard in "Live to Win" as C-3PO is seen talking to R2-D2 aboard the sandcrawler (it looks like this is what 3PO is saying to R2).


This one wasn't very ace, now was it?


So I heard this rumor that Lemmy can't swim. I would like to officially propose a reality show in which Lemmy goes to the Y, joins a beginner's swimming class, and learns how to swim. Can you imagine that big burly guy with all his hair and tattoos wading in the shallow end of a pool next to small children in water wings? The juxtaposition is hilarious! It's a fish out of water story in the water!!!!

Oh, I even know who could host it — Tony Danza! Man, I'm a genius. Someone get Garry Marshall on the phone. I gotta tell him he spells his name wrong.


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